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Sudoku The Clean One MOD APK 2.9.0 (15+ Features)

Improve your Sudoku skills with Sudoku - The Clean One MOD APK. Enjoy modified gameplay with added features and a clean interface. Download now!

NameSudoku - The Clean One
PublisherDustland Design
Size 6.44MB
Version 2.3.3
MOD Info Mod / 15 Features
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MOD Info
  • Amoled Theme Unlock.
  • Ad Free Unlock.
  • All Unnecessary Menu Item Remove.
  • Ads Removed.
  • Ads Related Activity & Code Removed.
  • Ads Related Layouts Visibility Gone.
  • Analytics / Crashlytics Removed.
  • Google Play Store Install Package Removed.
  • In-App Billing Service Removed.
  • Play Services, Transport, Firebase Properties Removed.
  • All Unnecessary Garbage Folder & File Removed.
  • Duplicate Dpi Item Remove Like:
  • Splits0 File Removed (Resources & AndroidManifest).


Download (6.44MB)

A group of mysterious youths who delighted in the art of mental puzzles dwelt in a world where numbers and mysteries were supreme. This distinguished group, popularly known as the Puzzle Pals, had a voracious taste for puzzles that twisted and jumbled the synapses of their young brains. Their elderly leader, the mysterious Timmy, was overflowing with thrilling news one fateful day under the sweeping canopy of an old and enormous oak.

The Mysterious Introduction Sudoku The Clean One

Timmy addressed his other puzzlers as “Dear Compatriots of the Conundrum,” his eyes glowing with contagious zeal. “I beseech thee, art thou acquainted with the mysteries of Sudoku?”

The Puzzle Pals’ faces were covered in a constellation of confused looks. Susie, the youngest member of their secret society, dared to ask Timmy, “Pray tell, what kind of puzzle is this?”

Unveiling Sudoku’s Secrets Timmy started down the perilous road of explication with a knowing smirk on his face. Sudoku, my dear colleagues, is like casting a mysterious magic that requires you to fill a grid with a mysterious pattern of numbers. Fear not the seeming complexity since it hides a seductive simplicity. And behold, I bring wonderful news.

The Puzzle Pals cocked their heads forward in anxious expectancy, their curiosity like a raging storm.

A Creative Sudoku Program

Timmy said with an enthusiasm that was almost transcendental, “I offer unto thee a novel Sudoku application, unrivaled in its ingenuity!”

The Puzzle Pals were so intrigued that they were almost delirious. “Timmy, please elaborate further.”

Timmy said, “This application is an entity unto itself, distinct from its contemporaries by a brilliant veneer, smooth and spotless. Its eloquence would have made Socrates blush. It seems as if you are solving puzzles in the sacred spaces of a maze-like castle.

The idea of a palace of complexities astounded the Puzzle Pals.

Sudoku The Clean One

The Miracles Within

“But hear!” “In its splendid uniqueness, it forgoes the tether of the omnipresent web, granting thee the ability to engage in Sudoku sorcery without dependence on the digital ether,” said Timmy in a high-pitched voice. Imagine yourself absorbed in Sudoku while awaiting the arrival of your mother from the grocery store.

The excitement and eagerness in the Puzzle Pals’ spirits were unquenchable. “Timmy, please unlock more of this wonder’s mysteries!”

Timmy started listing the qualities of this magnificent work with a flourish comparable to a maestro. “Behold! It has an easy-to-use UI that is devoid of confusing buttons or unsettling devices. Only you and the puzzle were dancing in unison. Additionally, it keeps track of your progress and makes it possible for you to continue your search whenever you choose.

The Puzzle Pals nodded fervently in agreement since they detested the idea of starting again.

An Infusion of Color

Timmy said with a sly smile, “And do you dare think of a kaleidoscope of themes? Thou are the lord of thy dominion, picking colours to decorate thy confusing playground in a symphony of colors!”

The Puzzle Pals imagined Sudoku problems with colors that could only be described as a rainbow, making people giggle merrily.

Sudoku The Clean One

Pick a direction.

“But, lo!” “Thou mayst choose thy modus operandi—filling cells or numbering them first,” Timmy said in a loud voice.It’s like choosing between decadent chocolate chip cookies and delicious ice cream.

The Puzzle Pals were in a mouthwatering pickle since they didn’t know which choice they preferred but were intoxicated by the tempting alternatives.

Using a magical eraser

In addition, a magisterial eraser with an atmosphere of the occult lives there, Timmy’s speech erupted. It eliminates mistakes while maintaining the flawless character of your puzzles.

The Puzzle Pals celebrated wildly because they had long yearned for a miraculous eraser.

Different Types of Challenges

Timmy cautioned, “But don’t wait,” since there were five levels of problems, ranging from the ease of a lovely zephyr to the ferocity of a furious hurricane. Thus, thou mayst strive to climb the pantheon of Sudoku luminaries!”

The Puzzle Pals were inspired and prepared to take on Sudoku’s challenges in all their varied complexity.\

Sudoku The Clean One

Running out of time

But, lo and behold, the crowning achievement—the opportunity to compete in a race against time! It records thy zeniths of swiftness and leads thee into unexplored pinnacles!”

The Puzzle Pals readied themselves for the swiftest battles in Sudoku.

“And in the dire straits of perplexity, shouldst thou falter, the application stands sentinel, adjudicating thy answers, shielding thee from the ravages of error,” the Trusted Confidant Timmy said with a flourish of finality. It is your ally in the search!”

The Puzzle Pals created a little, Sudoku-solving superhero, who caused ecstatic laughter.

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Download (6.44MB)

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