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There is a high risk of getting banned in this, play with your responsibility.

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Within the annals of existence, three formidable clans stand entrenched in a conflict of seismic proportions, their sights affixed upon the perilous essence recognized as shadow energy. A potential harbinger of seismic change, this eldritch element possesses the latent power to reshape the very trajectory of our planehnt. Lo, a realm awaits where you, as a paragon, may partake in this grandeur fray. Welcome to Shadow Fight 3—an online realm of role-playing combat, an arena of aspirations where destiny hangs in the balance.

Embrace your mantle as the protagonist in the theater of Shadow Fight 3.


The canvas of opportunity unfolds as you choose your class: ebony ninja, valiant knight, or deft samurai. Forge your own narrative, imbue your avatar with distinct skins and gear, fostering an embodiment of individuality. Mastery of combat is your sovereign right; Indulge in the experimental choreography of diverse implements and stratagems to alchemize your triumphant formula.


As your journey unfolds, the art of harnessing shadow energy becomes your arcane arsenal. This dynamic force propels you through the narrative, casting the darkness upon your adversaries. Yet, tread the path with vigilance, for shadow energy is not without its perilous allure, capable of ensnaring even the most resolute.

Shadow Fight 3


Venture through Shadow Fight 3’s labyrinthine expanse, traversing epochs and realms to decipher the enigma enshrouding shadow energy. Each sagacious choice shall ripple across the narrative tapestry, steering the ship of destiny toward sunlit shores or perilous abysses.


As the crescendo of pivotal clashes recedes, the arena transforms into your training ground. Engage AI-controlled incarnations of other champions, honing your dexterity and wits. Ascend the leaderboard, becoming the epitome of legend in your dominion, adorning yourself with panoplies of armor and weaponry as badges of honor.


Engage in the symphony of themed events, a confluence where heroes old and new converge. Immerse yourself in the tapestry of the Shadow Fight cosmos, as you vie for rare hues, implements, armament, and regalia, gleaning insights into the very fabric of this universe.

Shadow Fight 3’s visual opulence rivals the most illustrious console epics. Environments burst with vibrancy, while battle animations transcend verisimilitude.

Enlist now in the crusade for shadow energy within Shadow Fight 3. Emerge as the paragon coveted by our world. Bear in mind, shadow energy is a double-edged sword; its dominion favors solely those intrepid and sagacious enough to navigate its arcane currents.

Shadow Fight 3

The Periphery of Existence

The Gates of Shadows, once the vessel of primordial power, now stand unshackled—thrusting the planet to the precipice of colossal conflict. A weapon of eons past, this force now resculpts reality. The Legions, zealots of obliteration, seek its annihilation; the Dynasty, opportunists, yearn to harness its potency; meanwhile, the enigmatic Heralds delve into its darkest enigmas.

Divergent Vistas of the Clans

Within the realm of Shadow Fight 3, the triune clans cast distinct perspectives upon the shadow energy’s mantle. The Legions, guardians of salvation, dedicate themselves to its obliteration. The Dynasty, in stark contrast, espies it as the conduit to ascendancy, an avenue of empowerment. The enigmatic Heralds, shrouded in secrecy, vow to unveil the shadow energy’s cryptic shroud.

Shadow Fight 3

Elect Your Allegiance

As the protagonist, the mantle of choice descends upon your shoulders. Align with one of the triad clans—a decision that shall chart your odyssey, shaping affiliations and honing talents. Shall you stand as the harbinger of annihilation alongside the Legions? Or shall the Dynasty’s dominion of power be your anchor? Alternatively, tread the shadowed path of the Heralds, seeking revelations in the abyss?

Shadow Fight 3

Shadow Fight 3: The Euphony of Battle

Within the crucible of Shadow Fight 3, devotees are ushered into a maelstrom of combat—an immersion that melds novelty with excitement. Characters anew grace the stage, the tapestry of the Shadow Fight realm unfolding across mythic landscapes drenched in resplendent three-dimensional splendor.

Craft a Monumental Avatar

In the realm of Shadow Fight 3, creative sovereignty is your birthright. Opt for the archetype—ebon-clad ninja, intrepid cavalier, or katana-wielding samurai—each adept in their distinct discipline. Unlock and earn unique skins as you traverse the narrative, transforming your avatar into an epitome of distinction.

Shadow Fight 3

Engage in the Chronicles of Champions

Each clan’s combat idiosyncrasies sizzle in the crucible of engagement. Channel your avatar’s panache, wielding shadow energy as a tempestuous harbinger of transformation. Witness the sway of conflict—shadow energy coursing through every strike, an arbiter of destiny. Shadow Fight 3 unveils an orchestra of playstyles, from the subterfuge of a ninja’s art to the overwhelming mien of a champion knight.

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Download (144.80MB)

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It says I need to update the application and wont let me pass beyond the loading screen…please help with the issue

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    piz download new ver.

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I downloaded the game..but it looks like original…how can I use mod menu. please help me

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