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Screw Master Pin Puzzle MOD APK 1.2.8 (Unlimited Money)

NameScrew Pin Puzzle!
Size 104.69MB
Version 1.2.8
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Screw Master Pin Puzzle Venturing into the enigmatic domain of the Screw Pin Puzzle, are you prepared? Enthusiasts of all age groups will unearth pleasure and complexity in this immersive and habit-forming casual pastime. As you delve into the fascinating universe of screw pins, brace yourself to subject your puzzle-solving acumen to the ultimate crucible. In this rendition of the game in English, you shall confront mind-bending conundrums that will undoubtedly whet your appetite for more. Are you poised to fathom the enigma within and ascend to the coveted title of Screw Pin Puzzle Grandmaster? Embark on your odyssey into the realm of the Screw Pin Puzzle.

Engaging Gameplay Screw Pin Puzzle

Engage with the captivating realm of the Screw Pin Puzzle. Each stage presents a distinctive twist, necessitating astute cogitation. Be prepared to have your adeptness at problem resolution examined through a series of increasingly intricate challenges.

Diverse Enigmas

Encounter a plethora of exquisitely crafted enigmas that shall keep you engrossed for extended durations. Every level proffers a unique challenge that will place your cognitive faculties to the test, ranging from intricate motifs to adroitly positioned hindrances.

Unraveling Sequences

In a departure from the customary puzzle-solving paradigm, the Screw Pin Puzzle introduces the concept of sequence unraveling. The precise order for releasing the pins must be meticulously ascertained through a thorough perusal of each puzzle. The selection of your unlocking sequence bears paramount importance, as a solitary misstep may culminate in an impasse.

Exquisite Visual Customization

You may imbue your gaming experience with a personalized touch by selecting from a vast array of resplendent skins. Infuse vibrant hues and captivating patterns to metamorphose the game’s aesthetics. Procure a skin that aligns harmoniously with your unique aesthetic sensibilities to impart a modicum of individuality to your gaming sessions.

Global Leaderboard

Measure your proficiency against a global consortium of gamers, vying for eminence on the worldwide leaderboard. The exhibition of your prowess shall propel you through the ranks, ultimately anointing you as the reigning Sovereign of the Screw Pin Puzzle.

Ease of Assimilation, Mastery’s Challenge

The game bestows a set of controls that are facile to grasp, imbued with an innate intuitiveness. However, it is imperative to acknowledge that the level of complexity escalates exponentially as you traverse the stages. Only the most ardent and adept participants shall prevail in the latter echelons of the game.


The primary objective entails the detachment of all pins from the puzzle board by deciphering the correct unlocking sequence. Vigilantly discern the patterns and tribulations presented within each level.

Sequence Deciphering

To effectuate the removal of a pin, simply tap and maneuver it in accordance with the prescribed unlocking sequence. Precision is of paramount importance in the successful resolution of the puzzle. Pore over the enigma, strategize, and subsequently execute your plan with finesse.


Progressing through the game will usher you into the realm of progressively formidable obstacles. Encounters with locked pins, constrained motions, and intricate motifs may become commonplace. To surmount these impediments and advance to the subsequent tier, scrutinize the enigma, devise a tactical approach, and surmount these hurdles.

Message Dissemination Mechanism

Should you encounter a particularly intricate stage, avail yourself of the hint system. It dispenses invaluable guidance to aid in the determination of the optimal unlocking sequence, thereby facilitating your progression. Exercise judiciousness in the utilization of these suggestions, harnessing them to hone your proficiencies and conquer even the most formidable enigmas.


Customize your gaming experience by selecting from an assortment of skins within the collection. Discern the ideal visage that resonates with your taste and sartorial inclinations by experimenting with various permutations. Transform the game’s visual aesthetic to mirror your discerning preferences.

Are you primed to confront the most formidable conundrum replete with screw pins? Evaluate your mettle by procuring the Screw Pin Puzzle without delay. Ascend to the zenith of Screw Pin Puzzle mastery by conquering intricate enigmas, unlocking new tiers, and contending with challengers hailing from every corner of the globe! As you navigate through a succession of increasingly formidable trials, brace yourself for a crucible like no other. With this enthralling casual diversion, be poised to bask in an abundance of exhilaration and amusement. Good times await!

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Download (104.69MB)

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