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Pixel Starships™
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Pixel Starships MOD APK 0.998.17 (Unlimited Money)

Build your Starship, raise a fleet, and battle in the Galaxy!

NamePixel Starships™
PublisherSavy Soda
Size 95.41MB
Version 0.998.17
MOD Info Unlimited Money
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Pixel StarshipsTM: A Pixelated Cosmic Adventure

Hi there, interplanetary spies and space aficionados! Get ready for an incredible journey with “Pixel StarshipsTM” by Savy Soda; set your phasers to fun. Greetings from the pixelated spaceship, where you hold the position of not only captain but also creator of a floating cosmos with dimensions akin to the galaxy.

Cosmic Concoction

Players are invited to explore the universe in Pixel StarshipsTM, but don’t be fooled by the game’s endearing 8-bit graphics; it’s really a cosmic concoction of interplanetary diplomacy, resource management, and strategy.

Captain of the Pixelated Cosmos

Imagine yourself as the captain of your very own pixelated spacecraft, traveling the cosmos with a group of oddball aliens and human clones as your crew. Your goal? Construct, rule, and triumph! Naturally, however, victory in Pixel StarshipsTM demands more than just laser beams and photon torpedoes; it also calls for cunning, cunning, and a hint of cosmic charm.

Ship Design and Layout

You start the game by creating your spacecraft from the ground up using pixel art. Do you want a spacecraft fashioned like a massive pineapple? Proceed now! Do you like a more conventional star cruiser? You have the cosmic canvas to paint. The way the ship is laid out affects how well your crew can maneuver, repel hostile incursions, and use the many technologies on board.

The Heartbeat: Your Crew

Let’s now discuss the crew, who are the beating heart of your spacecraft. Every member of the crew has a distinct set of abilities, spanning from tactical combat to engineering. Hiring the smartest, greenest, and craziest people is your responsibility if you want your spacecraft to function like a well-maintained hyperspace engine.

Comprehensive Resource Management

Even the most seasoned space commanders would be surprised by the game’s comprehensive resource management system. Pixel StarshipsTM tests your strategic thinking in ways that are just as exciting as navigating an asteroid field, albeit with fewer crashes. From assigning crew members to various ship components to managing energy distribution.

Perils of the Cosmos

But take caution—the cosmos is not a welcoming place, adventurous captain. Rival gamers, alien armadas, and pixelated pirates are all fighting for control of the cosmos. Take part in space combat where every move matters, from identifying hostile systems to determining whether to use your invisibility cloak.

Multiplayer Mayhem

The real-time, asynchronous multiplayer functionality of Pixel StarshipsTM is one of its distinctive features. Take part in thrilling space battles with other players from throughout the galaxy, where each encounter is characterized by a pixelated laser dance and exploding spacecraft. In this dynamic and constantly shifting environment, allies and rivals are created and the balance of power is subject to change at the pace of “warp speed.”

Intriguing Single-Player Adventure

Intriguing single-player adventure that transports you to the remote reaches of the cosmos is another feature of the game. Discover bizarre societies, participate in space bar brawls or diplomacy, and make choices that will affect the course of your pixelated crew’s history. The narrative-driven experience gives the cosmic turmoil more nuance.

Social Dynamics and Fleet PvP

The gameplay of Pixel StarshipsTM extends beyond space combat and resource management. With features like Fleet PvP, where player-created fleets compete for dominance, it emphasizes the social component of gaming. Form alliances, team up with other captains, and go on cooperative missions that will put your cosmos friendship to the test.


In summary, Savy Soda’s Pixel StarshipsTM is a pixelated voyage that combines the sophistication of contemporary strategy games with the allure of vintage aesthetics. In this game, you may take command of your own spacecraft, bravely travel where no pixel has gone before, and determine the course of a galaxy made of pixels. Now chart a path for exploration, activate the warp drive, and may your crew of pixelated heroes travel the universe with flair and strategic dexterity! Captain, have safe travels

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