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Head Ball 2 - Online Soccer
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Head Ball 2 MOD APK 1.588 (Freeze Bots, Mega Menu)

NameHead Ball 2 - Online Soccer
PublisherMasomo Gaming
Size 138.39MB
Version 1.588
MOD Info Mega Menu
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MOD Info

Menu Mod-1

  • Mega Goal
  • Freeze Bots
  • Freeze Match
  • Speed
  • Rainbow Characters

Menu Mod-2

  • The enemy score is always 0
  • Ads-Free

Menu Mod -3

  • 07 features
Download (138.39MB)

Head Ball 2 – Once upon a time, in the enchanted realm of online gaming, a magical kingdom emerged under the banner of Head Ball 2. This extraordinary domain defied the norms of traditional soccer fields, where colossal heads clashed in epic battles, and the primary rule was not just to score goals but to revel in the absolute blast of it all!

A Surreal Kick-off: Headfirst Into the Whimsy

Step into this whimsical universe, where soccer transcends the conventional and becomes a spectacle of oversized heads, ludicrous power-ups, and infectious laughter echoing through the digital stadium. Welcome to the delightful madness that is Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer, a place where the grass is always green, the goals are larger than life, and the fun is an ever-present teammate!

A Head Above the Rest: The Gameplay Unveiled

In this extraordinary gaming experience, players assume the role of a mighty head with legs – a surreal departure from the ordinary. Here, the soccer ball is replaced by your own head, and the result is a riotously amusing visual spectacle.

Head Ball 2

Clash of the Noggins: The 1v1 Showdown

The game kicks off with a headbutt, plunging you into a 1v1 showdown against opponents spanning the globe. It’s a virtual soccer extravaganza where skill, strategy, and a touch of absurdity converge in the most enchanting manner.

Stars of the Show: Oversized Heads Take Center Stage

Let’s shine a spotlight on the true stars of the show – the oversized heads themselves! These gargantuan noggins come in a kaleidoscope of shapes and sizes, from comically large to downright absurd.

Head Ball 2

Style and Substance: Heads with Panache

Imagine a head adorned with wild, untamed hair bouncing around the field like a possessed mop, or one sporting sunglasses, exuding an air of coolness even in the heat of the match.

Power-Up Pandemonium: Adding Chaos with Abilities

But it’s not merely about appearances; each head boasts unique abilities and power-ups that can sway the game’s momentum. From freezing opponents in their tracks to summoning mini-tornadoes to sweep the ball away, these power-ups add an extra layer of chaos and entertainment.

Carnival Fields: Quirks and Challenges Await

As you navigate the bouncy battlefield, various arenas present their own quirks and challenges. Some fields feature slippery ice patches, causing heads to slide unexpectedly, while others incorporate bouncy trampolines that propel your noggin into the air.

Head Ball 2

Dress-Up Extravaganza: Customize Your Head in Style

One of the game’s most endearing features is its customization options. Dress up your head in the zaniest outfits, ranging from superhero capes to eccentric hats. Fancy playing soccer as a head donning a monocle and a top hat? Why not! The more outrageous, the better!

Express Yourself: The World of Emotes Head Ball 2

And let’s not overlook the emotes – those adorable, animated expressions allowing your head to convey a spectrum of emotions, from joyous celebrations to hilarious taunts.

Head Ball 2

Carnival Atmosphere: Graphics and Soundtrack

The laughter-inducing gameplay is complemented by cheerful graphics and a catchy soundtrack, immersing players in a lively carnival atmosphere.

Global Play: Community Spirit in Head Ball 2

What truly sets Head Ball 2 apart is its community spirit. With a global player base, opponents are never in short supply, ready for a head-to-head (quite literally) showdown.

Banter and Emojis: In-Game Chat Fun

The in-game chat adds an extra layer of hilarity, as players banter and exchange emojis in a friendly competition that transcends borders.

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Download (138.39MB)

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