Fate/Grand Order MOD APK 2.92.1 (Menu) for android
Fate/Grand Order (English)
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Fate/Grand Order MOD APK 2.92.1 (Menu) for android

Experience the ultimate Fate/Grand Order adventure with the MOD APK! Unlock unlimited resources and enjoy improved gameplay in this epic mobile RPG.

NameFate/Grand Order (English)
PublisherAniplex Inc
Size 67.20MB
Version 2.92.1
MOD Info MOD Menu
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Mod Menu V1

  • High Damage
  • God Mode
  • Max Np Gain
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There once lived a small Master by the name of Fujimaru in a country full with phones (adults called them smartphones, but they tasted just too bad to be anything but phones). Despite his little size, he had an enormous heart and an even greater passion for computer games, particularly “Fate/Grand Order.”

This was no ordinary game, however. Fujimaru was more than simply Fujimaru in Fate/Grand Order; he was a Master of Chaldea, an awesome covert base tucked away behind a mountain (officially referred to as a “facility,” but really, that’s a lot less thrilling). And in Chaldea, Fujimaru could call upon heroes from myth and legend, such as the luminous King Arthur (who, it must be said, he secretly hoped could teach him how to fight with a sword) and the incredibly powerful Heracles (whom Fujimaru liked to practice flexing like crazy, much to his mother’s amusement).

Fate/Grand Order

But catastrophe occurred one bright afternoon! Sakura, Fujimaru’s younger sister, who was mostly an artist, found his phone. Sakura was an extraordinary artist now, able to transform sketches into lovely creatures and princesses. This time, however, there was a playful twinkle in her creative energy. She laughed mischievously, reached for a huge purple pencil, and then—pow!

The phone’s screen became hazy before going completely black! What replaced it was a whirling gateway akin to a rainbow caused by overindulging in Skittles. Fujimaru let out a gasp. Was Chaldea unintentionally dragged into the game by Sakura?

Fujimaru cautiously peered into the doorway. He observed an unfamiliar, colorful country in place of the well-known Chaldea halls. Everything, from the wavy trees to the fluffy clouds that bounced like marshmallows, seemed to have been created with crayons. And there his Servants stood, in a field of enormous lollipops!

Fate/Grand Order

Ever the knight, Saber raised her sword and warily peered about. “Where are we, Master? Has Morgan le Fay used a malevolent spell?

Feeling his cheeks burn as red as a tomato, Fujimaru said, “I think Sakura drew us into the game.”

Heracles yelled, “Drawn?” as he struggled to swallow a lollipops that was larger than his head. Sounds really tasty! Is it edible for us?”

A high-pitched voice yelled, “Welcome, Masters and Servants, to Crayonland!” before Fujimaru could respond.

A little fairy floated down, scarcely larger than a thumbtack and glittering like glitter glue. “My name is Pix, and I look after this territory. But there’s a dreadful gloom now! The colors are fading and the crayons have lost their enchantment.”

Fujimaru puffed up his chest, ever the hero (and secretly eager for an adventure). “Pix, don’t worry! We’ll support you.

And thus a magnificent, crayon-tastic journey started. Along the way, Fujimaru and his Servants overcame play-doh mountains, faced crayon monsters, and even rode a rainbow slide that took them to a grouchy cloud king who wouldn’t share his sunlight. With every triumph, Crayonland regained a little bit of its color, and Fujimaru discovered that even the tiniest Master could have a significant impact.

Fate/Grand Order

Naturally, things weren’t always simple. Sometimes Sakura’s lighthearted illustrations backfired, transforming Saber’s blade into a limp noodle or Heracles into a bouncing rubber ball. Furthermore, Fujimaru developed a tendency of continually reminding himself not to consume the appetizing-looking surroundings—one he inherited from Heracles.

But in the end, Fujimaru and his Servants vanquished the darkness, a cranky scribble monster called Inky, and brought color back to Crayonland by cooperation, humor, and a little bit of crayon magic. Pix, eternally appreciative, showered them with rainbow sprinkles, which, to Fujimaru’s dismay, turned out not to taste like candy.

Fate/Grand Order


Fujimaru said farewell as the doorway to his phone shimmered open. He missed his bed and a warm dish of his mother’s spaghetti, but he also knew he would miss Crayonland. With astonished eyes, Sakura gave him his phone back in his room. The screen came to life, revealing the well-known Chaldea hallways.

She questioned naively, “Did you have an adventure, Onii-chan?”

Fujimaru gave a wink. “The biggest one, with colors, heroes, and a sulky cloud king within. Okay, but it’s a secret.

Sakura’s eyes sparkled as she laughed. “Onii-chan, my lips are locked. However, would you be able to sketch me an image of your journey?”

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