BrownDust2 1.59.7 (MOD Menu/One Hit Kill) APK Download
BrownDust2 - Adventure RPG
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BrownDust2 1.59.7 (MOD Menu/One Hit Kill) APK Download

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NameBrownDust2 - Adventure RPG
Size 345.14MB
Version 1.59.7
MOD Info Mega Menu,
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MOD Info

Mod Menu v1 

  • Battle Menu
  1. Enemies Always Miss
  2. Damage Multiplier x1-1000
  3. Defense Multiplier x1-1000
  • Open World Menu
  1. Move Speed Multiplier x1-10

Mod Menu v2

  • Enemies Always Miss
  • Damage Multiplier x1-1000
  • Defense Multiplier x1-1000
  • Move Speed Multiplier x1-10Enemies Always Miss
  • Damage Multiplier x1-1000
  • Defense Multiplier x1-1000
  • Move Speed Multiplier x1-10
Download (345.14MB)

BrownDust2 was a wonderful place located in a nearby country. A child can dream, after all, and this world was full of vibrant animals, talking trees, and mountains that chuckled when you touched them.

Timmy and Sally, our fearless explorers, were always ready for a thrilling expedition. They headed off to discover the mysteries of BrownDust2, armed with sticks that were unquestionably stronger than any blade in the whole cosmos.

They ran met Sprinkletoes, a naughty little elf, as they travelled farther into the country. Sprinkletoes had an odd affinity for glitter and a propensity to transform commonplace objects into sparkling masterpieces. Timmy reached out to shake his hand, but it instantly changed into a disco ball! Sally’s hairband changed into a stunning tiara.BrownDust2

Immersive Journeys in Vertical and Landscape Mode

The seamless blending of landscape and vertical modes is one of BrownDust2’s most notable characteristics. You may choose your favourite screen angle thanks to the game’s optimised UI for each of them. Intricate dungeons and wide vistas are both accessible in BrownDust2, which guarantees a high degree of immersion and fun.


A Game Pack in the Console Style with an Entertaining Storyline

BrownDust2 is a pleasure for those who long for the nostalgia of old console games. The game pack concept is created to bring back the spirit of cherished console games and take you back to a period when playing video games was an exciting journey. Get ready to be fascinated by a narrative that develops in a multi-universe setting where mysteries and secrets are waiting for you to solve.


Goodness, Sprinkletoes! Timmy chuckled, “You really know how to spice up our day.

They soon came upon a field of bouncing jellybeans using Sprinkletoes as their guide. The nicest beings you could ever meet, these jellybeans adored singing songs about rainbows and chocolate rivers

Timmy, hey! Who can bounce the highest?Sally shouted, her eyes glistening with delight.

They laughed and bounced for hours in the jelly bean field, until their stomachs hurt from all the giggles. The jellybeans sang them a lullaby as the sun began to set, sending them off to dreamland on a cloud of marshmallow fluff.

The melodic sounds of the Pancake Birds woke up our brave adventurers the next morning. These remarkable birds swung their pancake-like wings with such dexterity that a symphony of maple-y sweetness was produced.

Our hearts, which love pancakes, are melody to your melodies. Timmy clapped while imagining himself frying pancakes.

They were cordially served a sumptuous breakfast by the pancake birds, replete with syrup waterfalls and buttered cloud puffs. Timmy and Sally ate their fill of pancakes and felt their energy levels soar.BrownDust2

Sally, be careful! Don’t get trapped in the taffy quicksand! Timmy sounded the alarm while extending a licorice rope to save her.

To give to their pals back in reality, they gathered samples of confectionery.

They came upon the Chocolate River Rapids just when they were about to believe their journey couldn’t be much more delicious. They were taken on an exciting voyage downstream by this swift-moving river, which was constructed completely of the best chocolate.

They found themselves in a meadow full with talking daisies as the day came to an end. Every single flower had an own personality, and they all gave Timmy and Sally cheery hellos.

Have you have any prudent advise for us? Sally questioned with wide-eyed awe.


Download BrownDust2 - Adventure RPG

Download (345.14MB)

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