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Blade Idle 1.35.0 (MOD Menu/God Mod) APK Download

NameBlade Idle
Size 1.08GB
Version 1.35.0
MOD Info MOD Menu
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MOD Info

Mod Menu v1

  • Godmode
  • One Shot Kill (With Skill)
  • No Skill Cooldown
  • Enable
  • Time Between Each Wave Cleared (seconds) // Option To Make Time Look More Realistic
  • Get Buffs Without Watching Ads
Download (1.08GB)

Embark upon an extraordinary expedition that shall lead you through intricate labyrinths and significant stages, all while affording you the opportunity to cultivate your persona via agrarian pursuits. Enter the realm of Blade Idle, the ultimate destination for such endeavors! The principal protagonist in this interactive odyssey is an unremarkable gatherer of botanical specimens who stumbles upon a fabled blade, thus ascending to the exalted status of a hero. Delve deeper into the game’s constituents and unravel the potential to metamorphose into a hero of your own design within the ensuing passages.

Blade Idle, a mobile application, ingeniously weaves together the strands of progression, cultivation, and expedition. This interactive narrative chronicles the saga of an herb procurer who unearths a renowned sword, propelling them to the esteemed mantle of heroism. Accompanying the protagonist’s voyage is the potential for character augmentation via the infusion of myriad aptitudes, the synthesis of equipment to magnify its efficacy, and the procurement of resources conducive to advancement.

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Malleable Proficiency Architecture Traits

At the nucleus of Blade Idle resides its adaptive proficiency architecture, a pivotal facet that imparts the game with distinction. These proficiencies encompass both offensive and defensive stratagems, susceptible to enhancement as players amass supplementary growth constituents.

Synthesis Mechanism

A complementary mechanism to bolster character potency manifests through the amalgamation of materials. By procuring items of varying grades and fusing them in unison, players engender equipment of augmented potency, thereby gaining the upper hand in confrontational scenarios.

Blade Idle

Dungeon Engagements

Within Blade Idle, players traverse the corridors of both conventional and singular dungeons. These subterranean labyrinths present adversities alongside prospects to amass growth resources and other invaluable treasures. Players may subject their competencies to the crucible of trial, appraising their headway upon the journey to heroism by confronting the crucibles that dungeons present.

Animal Companions, Relics, and Insignias Framework

Blade Idle introduces a triadic framework—comprising animal companions, relics, and insignias—that affords further embellishment of one’s persona. By accumulating and unshrouding new capacities through the assemblage of pets and relics, players fortify their characters. Unique insignias, harmonizing with the insignia system, bestow additional boons and effects, enhancing the gameplay experience.

Blade Idle

Fortified Dungeon

An idiosyncratic facet of Blade Idle lies in its fortified dungeon, an arena where players amass an array of visages for their avatars. Through the application of these visages, players effectuate a metamorphosis in their appearances, thereby infusing them with distinctive stylistic attributes. This panoply of visages may be garnered and showcased to fellow players through partaking in the challenges posed by the fortified dungeon.

Guidance for Commencement

The inaugural step towards embarking upon Blade Idle’s immersive expedition entails the download of the application from the respective app store. The server to which a connection is established hinges upon the linguistic preferences of one’s device. All non-designated languages default to the global server, with the exception of Korean language settings, which converge upon the Korean server.

Subsequently, a journey unfurls, leading through an amalgam of dungeons and levels. As one traverses this path, growth resources are amassed, equipment is amalgamated, and the dossier of aptitudes is tailored, all contributing to the evolution into an eminent hero.

Blade Idle


Bestowed with the epithet of Blade Idle, this enthralling mobile game unfurls a vista of exploration, maturation, and adventure, constituting a plethora of hours’ worth of gratification. Within the embrace of its dynamic mélange of adaptable proficiencies and synthesis systems, arduous dungeons, and an assemblage of growth resources, players are afforded the means to immerse themselves in a realm of heroism. The occasion has dawned to partake in the game’s download and commence the ascent to preeminence!

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Download (1.08GB)

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