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Summoners War Sky Arena: Exploring the Massive Update

July 7, 2023 (11 months ago)
Summoners War Sky Arena: Exploring the Massive Update

The well-known tactical fantasy RPG called Summoners War, created by Com2uS, has been engrossing gamers for nine years with its compelling environment and intense gameplay. Com2uS is getting ready to release Summoners War RELOADED, a big upgrade, as a way to recognise this achievement. The June 23rd demo showed a wealth of intriguing innovations and improvements that are sure to enthral both new and seasoned gamers. In this post, we’ll dig into the specifics of this impending update and examine the fresh material that Summoners War: Sky Arena players may look forward to.

Due to its complex gaming mechanics and ongoing updates from Com2uS, Summoners War has acquired a devoted following over the years. The next Summoners War RELOADED update, which will include a tonne of new features and content, is expected to elevate the game to new heights. This update will revitalise your Summoners War experience, whether you’re a seasoned player or a newbie.

The game “Dungeons, Artefacts, and Monsters”

The Spiritual Realm, a brand-new Cairos Dungeon, is one of Summoners War RELOADED’s most intriguing new features. The difficulty levels in this dungeon are similar to those in the other Cairos Dungeons, but it also adds a number of previously unobtainable runes, such as the Fight, Enhance, Accuracy, Determination, and Tolerance runes. Seal Runes, a whole new set of runes, are also introduced. Abyss Floors have been added to the Giant Dungeons, another upgrade. The number of levels in existing dungeons been decreased from 12 to 10, with two new floors added. The usage of numerous monsters is prohibited on the seasonal abyss floors. The new rune sets will only drop on the Abyss levels, however six-star runes will once again be found on the 10th floor of dungeons. The Necropolis, the Spiritual Realm, the Steel Fortress, and the Punisher’s Crypt will all be open for exploration for players in July, August, September, and December, respectively.

The Wind Indra and the Water Asura are two new monsters that Summoners War RELOADED brings to further enhance the gaming experience. A powerful 5-star monster with a penchant for damaging adversaries with wind and lightning, The Wind Indra. The Water Asura, on the other hand, is an adaptable 4-star monster whose attack strength progressively rises with each hit against an adversary. Both of these monsters will come in a variety of forms, giving players the chance to collect them all and use their special abilities in combat.

New Sets of Rune

Two new sets of runes are introduced in Summoners War RELOADED, each with its own affects and gameplay ramifications. With the help of the potent addition known as the Intangible Rune, players may finish out a rune set by filling in one of the remaining slots. It gives enormous versatility and enables players to experience the full benefits of a full rune set, even if it doesn’t replace several runes within a set. A player’s gameplay and tactical choices may be dramatically improved with careful strategic use of the Intangible Rune.

Enhanced Gaming Experience

In response to community feedback, Com2uS actively works to enhance Summoners War. They have streamlined the overall player experience by addressing a number of inefficiencies and antiquated processes with the RELOADED upgrade. The section where players acquire in-game items has been reorganised to make the process easier and let them concentrate more on farming and advancement. Additionally, rune enhancement has been simplified such that players may now gain nat6 runes via Rune Combination rather than only through farming. These adjustments improve accessibility and advancement for both experienced and novice players.

Additionally, there have been considerable improvements to the warfare mechanics. The assault gauge requirements have been standardised, and there is now one extra turn. There have previously been irregularities caused by battle scenarios that resulted in a postponed extra turn. With this enhancement, Com2uS guarantees that abilities that provide an extra turn will operate uniformly throughout the board. Additionally, the attack gauge’s “Absorption” effect has been changed to provide more predictable outcomes. The absorption effect now gives the player the entire amount of stolen health, regardless of how much of a monster’s health is still left, providing fair and balanced gaming. The elimination of “Crushing Hits” and the redesign of the Despair rune set, which now works in harmony with multi-hit abilities, are noteworthy improvements.

Fanart Competition Winners and Community Participation

Com2uS values community involvement and acknowledges the enthusiasm of Summoners War gamers. The results of the fanart contest honouring the game’s ninth anniversary were revealed at the Summoners War RELOADED showcase. These gifted painters received limited edition art books that were autographed by the Summoners War creators. Such programmes build a feeling of community and respect for the game’s active player base in addition to encouraging creative expression within the community.

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