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Ares Virus MOD APK v1.0.9 (Never Hungry/High Health/High Energy)

Get the latest version of Ares Virus with exciting new features and unlimited resources. Enjoy a unique gaming experience today!

NameAres Virus
PublisherQcplay Limited
Size 97.15MB
Version 1.0.9
MOD Info Never Hungry/High Health/High Energy
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Mod Menu v1
  • Never Hungry
  • High Health
  • High Energy
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Should we place more value on kindness and integrity in a society where the sole objective is survival, or should we heed our instincts and do whatever it takes to stay alive? Ares Virus, a free 2D RPG game about post-apocalyptic survival, poses this question. As a member of the S.O.T. team, you must face the hardships of a post-apocalyptic world and make difficult choices in order to locate the viral antibodies in a city overrun by zombies and with limited supplies. The significance of compassion and honesty in such a situation is discussed in this article along with how they might affect both our own survival and the survival of the greater community.


A city is under attack by the Ares Virus, which has converted the populace into zombies, in the apocalyptic survival game Ares Virus. Resources are becoming scarce, and the zombie population is growing. You must battle your way through swarms of monsters as a member of the S.O.T squad while forming connections with individuals who could be acting with ulterior reasons. The destiny of the city and its residents will depend on your choices and actions.

Ares Virus


A 2D shooting game featuring top-down still views and a novel ballpoint design is called Ares Virus. You may play the game in a variety of ways, and to fight the many foes, you must choose from a variety of weapons and tactics. The game has a strong end-of-the-world theme, and in order to live, you must gather materials, prepare food, create medicine, and forge equipment. The game also has double joystick control and fast action, making it simple to play. The game’s open ending means that your decisions will affect how others turn out.

Ares Virus

The value of kindness and honesty in a world-ending situation

In a zombie apocalypse, surviving becomes the main objective. Everyone is vying for survival due to a lack of supplies and the threat presented by zombies. It might be tempting to put our own survival above the needs of others in such a crisis. In Ares Virus, however, your actions have repercussions and may affect both your own life and the survival of the broader community.

Effects of Kindness

In a survival situation, kindness is a quality that is often underrated. But in Ares Virus, being good may pay off in big ways. As an example, assisting others might result in partnerships that can provide protection and access to resources. You will come across people in the game who require assistance, such as a mother who needs medication for her sick kid or a group of survivors who need defence from zombies. Helping these people may result in benefits like additional allies, resource access, or knowledge that will advance the game.

Ares Virus

Effects of Honesty

Another quality that is sometimes forgotten in a survival situation is honesty. However, in Ares Virus, being truthful may also be quite advantageous. For instance, telling lies or manipulating others may result in distrust, which can hinder the formation of coalitions or the access to resources. You will run across people in the game who will beg you for assistance or details. Being open and sincere with these individuals may foster trust, which can open doors to resources, knowledge, or new allies.

Effects on Individual Survival

In an apocalyptic situation, it might be easy to put our own survival first. In Ares Virus, however, the continuation of the wider group is often dependent upon your own survival. A breakdown in trust, for instance, might make it more difficult to create coalitions or access resources. Other examples include hoarding resources or refusing to aid others. Long-term survival may be made more difficult as a result.

Ares Virus

How To Play

  1. The video game is a top-down, 2D shooter with a unique ballpoint style.
  2. Throughout the game, you’ll encounter a variety of foes that need various weapons and approaches.
  3. The game is replete with end-of-the-world themes, including gathering resources, forging equipment, and growing food and medicine.
  4. The game has dual joystick controls and quick action.
  5. Your choices will affect the game’s open ending and dictate what happens to other characters.
  6. You must give the app permission to access your IMEI as a login identity and to read from and write to your external storage in order to play the game.

Download Ares Virus

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